Our company committed to instructions of ISO 9001: 2015 .

The Management of this company recognizes that the quality of our service shall not be compromised.  To achieve these objectives, full support and unreserved commitment of executive management is given to:


  1. The implementation of an effective documented quality control system, in order to gain control over all activities that can affect service and product quality.
  2. Promote awareness by all personnel that the achievement of quality depends on the contribution of each individual.
  3. Satisfy customer requirements, improve Productivity, reduce Non-Conformance and Increase profit.
  4. Improving turn-around time.
  5. Improving Employee development.

Aim to achieve Zero Defect.

Mossin H. Obaidan
The owner of the shares and the Managing Director of
Qimmat Al Nidhal Company for Contracting, General Trading.