In cooperation with Al-Laith Al-Sumeri company for General  Trading ,Contracting and Transportation Ltd , Qimmat Al Nidhal Company for Contracting and General Trading Ltd has constructed the Um Al-Asafir Residential Complex  in Muthanna Governorate in accordance with the contract signed with the Ministry of Construction and Housing on 18/12/2011. The complex consists of (504) housing units and built on land of (64) acres and was designed according to two models of the building, the first (A) contains (300) apartments with an area of (135) m2 per apartment, each one consists of three rooms with a living room and kitchen and the rest of the services, The second consists of (204) apartments with an area of (120) m2 per apartment. Each apartment consists of two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen with the rest of the services. The complex also includes a number of service buildings which consisted of two secondary schools with a capacity of 12 classrooms , a primary school with capacity (18) classrooms , Health Center and Shopping Center and Mosque, in addition to the networks of external lighting , high and low pressure, telephone , Sewage , rain water , pure water for drinking  , irrigation water, and water treatment station  with all roads and pavements works internal walkways, squares, parking and green spaces. The contract value amounted to (39,600,000,000) IQD , Today , the complex entered in the actually services after completed it at suitable period