After the accomplishment of the two companies Al-Laith Al-Sumeri company for General  Trading ,Contracting and Transportation Ltd and Qimmat Al Nidhal Company for Contracting and General Trading Ltd about constructing the Um Al-Asafir Residential Complex  in Muthanna Governorate, so there was desire of the Ministry of Housing and Construction to be transferred another project to us to build a residential complex in another province of our country , And on 12/6/2013, it has been  contracted with our company and laid the foundation stone by the construction and housing minister Mr. (Mohammed Saheb Al Darraji) to constructed “Qalat Sikur Residential Complex” in Dhi Qar governorate, where the number of units exceeds 500 units with all buildings SOA included schools , Health centers and the establishment of a modern market, while the company has worked hard ,  during the short period of time completed 50% of the project, but it has been suspended by the Ministry of Housing and Construction because of the financial crisis. This project is considered by our company as an important and strategic project and it is under implementation.

The value of the contract amounted (71,000,000,000) IQD