Investments of the company

One of the company’s priorities has been the trend towards long-term investment to be one of the pillars of the sustainability of the company’s achievements locally and internationally. The company focused its investments on the industrial and agricultural side of what is important in building our country. Below are the company’s investments which are based on two parts:

Industrial Investments

Since its inception, the company has been keen to support the reality of the private sector in our country as it is one of the main factors in increasing the technical and administrative expertise of the company. The company has conducted many studies of the direction of investment (long term) and for all types of investment. After reaching the best results, Holding a partnership with the relevant parties where the company has obtained valuable investments and listed below that enhance the sustainability of the industry in our country: 

Agricultural Investments

After the successes achieved by the company in the industrial field, it began to develop its potential to enhance the agricultural reality in the country and improve the national product. The company employed specialists in agriculture and worked with them to study the development of the company in this field and after the specialists provide economic feasibility studies that support citizens to raise the burden of living, With the Ministry of Agriculture and Iraq in the field of investment, where the Ministry of Agriculture allocated more than (3000) donum, especially the cultivation of wheat and barley, as well as the allocation of land to raise calves in support of the national product on the domestic and international arena and serve the public good.​